Saturday, June 21, 2014

Attack on Dog

On that day, vegetable-kind received a grim reminder.  We live in fear of the dog...

I'd written previously about how I'd hoped, by reserving two spaces of the garden bed exclusively for the dog's use, that the dog would stay out of my plants.  Obviously this peace offering was ineffective.  In addition to lying between the newly planted apple trees, he's been digging at bit in other parts of the garden, burying plants.  He destroyed the poor honeydew.
I had planned on writing detailed, step-by-step instructions for the dog-proof fortifications I built.  But, honestly, no one is really interested enough to read that and what I built is simple enough that it could probably be recreated with a little imagination from the after-photo of the finished bed.  Besides, I'm already taking photos of the next project for the next post.
Here you can see the garden's new fortifications.  Three of the beds have net-covered pvc frames.  These took a while to build but they should last a number of years and they're designed to be stackable, when not in use, for easy(ish) storage.  Eventually, when the plants are more mature, they will have to be removed but my hope is that, once the're more filled in, the dog will leave them alone.  The tomato bed and the apple trees are protected by left over pvc and landscaping stakes that I've driven in around the perimeter and in the dog's favorite laying spots. The theory was that if the bed was hard to enter and uncomfortable to spend time in, he'd choose other spots. I haven't seen him in the beds all week so they seem to be effective, if ugly.

If I had to do this again (and I probably will when I build the other garden beds) I'll probably build in attachments for garden hoops.  Seems like they'd be cheaper and easier to construct and serve the same function.