Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2017 Planting Calendar

During the February Pollen-pocolypse, when I couldn't bear to go outside, I made a plan for the rest of the year, looking up the planting and harvest times of all the seeds I want to sow this year. I'm going to post it here.

February 15 - Plant 1st Peas (Did it, obviously)
February 28 - 1st Peas sprout (They're coming up this week, a bit slow)
April 1 - Plant 2nd Peas
   Plant Kale
   Plant Morning Glories
   Plant Nasturtiums
   Plant Moon Flowers
   Plant Hollyhocks
   Plant Okra indoors
   Plant Artichoke indoors
   Plant Asparagus indoors
April 11 - Kale sprouts
   Moon Flowers sprout
April 13 - Nasturtiums sprout
April 15 - Plant Pumpkins
   Plant Squash
   Plant Corn
   Plant Beans
   2nd Peas sprout
   Morning Glories sprout
   Hollyhocks sprout
   Okra sprouts
   Artichoke sprouts
   Asparagus sprouts
April 25 - Pumpkins sprout
   Squash sprouts
   Corn sprouts
   Beans sprout
   Harvest 1st Peas
May 1 - Transplant Okra
   Transplant Artichoke
   Transplant Asparagus
May 21 - Harvest Kale
May 29 - Harvest Okra
June 10 - Harvest 2nd Peas
July 4 - Harvest Beans
   Harvest Corn
July 14 - Harvest Squash
August 8 - Harvest Pumpkins
September 28 - Harvest Artichoke

All the information for planting times and harvest times are taken from the backs of seed packets. Will they be accurate? Do I even have enough room in my garden for all this? Probably not.

I also want to plant Amaranth and Carrots. We'll see.

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