Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Garden Again

Following the planting of the trees, we've been excited about growing things again.  Before we add other trees, while we wait for evidence that we can actually grow a tree, there is a whole garden bed begging to be planted with something, anything.  When soft dirt beckons, it's impossible not to pick up a trowel and heed it's loamy call.
And so, of the weekend, plants were planted.  In any of my previous gardens, this many plants would have filled all the available space nicely, even as little baby plants.  In our new giant garden bed, they hardly show up in the photo.
Hopefully, they'll fill in a bit.  Specifics and lots of photos after the break.

Using rough spacing suggestions from Square Foot Gardening, I planted 4 4"x4" sections based on my wife's vegetable interests.
Working from left to right, the first block contains 2 pumpkins, both Jack-o-lantern variety:
The next is the most densely planted.  Against the wall there are 4 cherry tomatoes of 4 different varieties (a juliet roma, a sun sugar, a yellow pear, and a super sweet).  In front of them are 4 basil plants (1 sweet basil, 1 cinnamon basil, 2 greek columnars) and a small army of onions.
Lastly, past the apple trees, are two spaces dedicated to melons (a yellow watermelon, a black diamond watermelon, a charleston gray watermelon, and 1 honeydew).  We also left 2 spaces at the end empty.  The dog has been sleeping in this spot, against the wall, since we got him 2 years ago and I hoped that if we left him some space to laze and dig, he'd leave the plants alone.
 Best of all, both of the apple sticks are showing sign of life!  Buds are opening and we should have some leaves soon!
In the front of the house we have a small container garden going.
There are two carnations (though there would only be one if we had found the white carnations first), a peppermint, a spicy globe basil that's struggling (if I've never mentioned it before, I love basil), and a few cucumbers.

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